Saxophonist Daniel Gaggioli cannot be categorized. He loves the unique as well as the traditional. As a musician in large ensembles or as a soloist, he convinces with his warm and personal saxophone sound. The common element of his expressive playing is the flair for melodies. Gaggioli composes jazz pieces in a variety of styles that offer other musicians opportunities to express themselves freely.


„…the saxophonist, endowed with a beautiful technique, plays, with sobriety and feeling, very pretty themes. We sometimes think of a Paul Desmond in less ethereal form.“ Daniel Gindrat on JAZZ One More Time Magazin


Daniel Gaggioli changed in his youth from clarinet to saxophone. His musical curiosity led him to train as a classical saxophonist and jazz musician at the Conservatory of Fribourg and at the music academy in Bern. Using the many possibilities that the saxophone offers, he gathered experiences as an improviser, in a saxophone quartet, as a soloist or chamber musician, in orchestras or big bands. He lives with his family in Thun and teaches saxophone at the Freiburg Conservatory.