The DannyJazz Quartet is the jazz combo around the saxophonist Daniel Gaggioli. The unusual line-up - saxophone, guitar, bass and drums - creates a light and elegant sound. The band masters ballads with depth, up-tempo tunes with esprit and cool latin grooves.

Daniel Gaggioli is able to compose catchy and melodic themes which allow the listener to day-dream and the musicians to have freedom for improvising.

The band started in 2012 as a trio without drums and became a quartet in 2016. Gigs in Switzerland and other European countries helped the band to gain experience and to find it’s own style. One important concern of the band is to experiment with additional instruments and to rearrange the original compositions by adding guest soloists like Franco d’Andrea (p), Jérome DeCarli (p) and Martin Kissling (dr).

The debut CD Gymnosphère was recorded in summer 2014. The album was prepared in Meran (South Tyrol, Italy) and reflects perfectly the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Alps. Another CD is planned and will be hopefully released in 2018.




Daniel Gaggioli

Trained on the clarinet he switched to saxophone as a teenager. Musical curiosity led him to studies at the Conservatory of Fribourg and at the Musikhochschule Bern for classical and jazz saxophone. He gathered experiences in free improvising, in saxophone quartets, as soloist or chamber musician in classical orchestras and big bands. The DannyJazz Quartet introduces him now as leader and composer. Daniel Gaggioli lives with his family in Thun and teaches saxophone at the Conservatory of Fribourg.





Michael Ferber

Having grown up with classical music and educated on piano and violin, he discovered blues and jazz as a teenager. He taught himself to play guitar and became a member of various combos and big bands in the Augsburg-area in Germany. After baby break and career changes he started to make jazz music again in 2008.









Meinrad Thalmann

Training as bassist at the jazz department of the Conservatory of Fribourg. He is a member of several bands and accompanies occasionally choirs, plays and musicals with his electric or double bass.


Nicolas Baechler

Born in 1962, he started his education as drummer and percussionist in regional brass bands, followed by studies at the Conservatory of Fribourg, the EJMA in Lausanne and the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. His musical preference for African rhythms, his commitment as percussionist in Dixieland bands, as drummer in hard bop combos and as a companion of choirs and brass bands mark him as a versatile and experienced musician.



Mandana Grossenbacher Voice

Deeply moved by the expressiveness of the portrayed artists in the Swiss film «Heimatklänge», Mandana Grossenbacher began to yodel. She acquired her basic yodeling education at the Jodlerclub Gunzgen, followed by self-studies. Today, Mandana sings in the folk music duo «Wyt Dröberus» where she dares to compose new songs or to improvise freely with her voice and where she continuously looks for new singing challenges. In collaboration with the DannyJazz Quartet, she eventually discovered her ability to express moods and life stories in words.